Are the Call of Duty Vanguard Servers Down?

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For those jumping into Call of Duty Vanguard for the very first time, it can be frustrating when the game's online services aren't available, preventing you from playing any kind of multiplayer matches. Sometimes, they're only unavailable for a few minutes but on some occasions, it can be several hours before they come back online.

With players beginning to get hold of the game as it launches across the world, it's important to know the server status of Vanguard in case your multiplayer or Zombies session is brought to an early end. In this article, find the current Call of Duty Vanguard server status and some handy tips to check whether they're functioning.

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Are The Vanguard Servers Down?

Call of Duty Vanguard Server Status
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According to Activision, the Vanguard servers are currently live and are fully functional across all platforms. The servers may be functioning but with the huge number of players attempting to access the game for the first time, there is a chance of experiencing a slight delay as you're placed in a server queue.

If any reports of server outages emerge, we will update this article with everything that you need to know so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly.

How To Check Call of Duty Vanguard Server Status


There are a few ways to determine whether Vanguard is experiencing problems with its servers. The first is to check the official Activision website which is regularly updated with any kind of information involving server outages. For an even faster way to check Vanguard's servers, we recommend following the Activision Support Twitter page, which typically reports any kind of problem as soon as they happen so make sure to switch notifications on.

These are the best ways to determine if Vanguard's servers are experiencing issues. For more Vanguard intel, take a look at the best FOV settings to use as well as a complete list of weapons available to use in multiplayer.

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