Vanguard Ranked Play Launch Pushed Back

UPDATE - February 18: After a short delay, Vanguard Ranked Play is now live across all platforms.

The launch of Season 2 for Vanguard introduced a wealth of post-launch content to multiplayer and Zombies. In addition to two brand-new maps and the arrival of the KG M40 assault rifle, a beta for Ranked Play was slated to arrive on February 17.

A playlist focused on competitive rules and regulations rarely features in Call of Duty titles, much to the annoyance of players wanting an alternative to the casual multiplayer experience.

Hours before the release of Ranked Play, Treyarch announced its release wouldn't take place due to the discovery of a bug.

Vanguard Ranked Play Delayed
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Vanguard Ranked Play Delayed

While Ranked Play was undergoing testing, Treyarch reportedly discovered a "stat-breaking issue" that only appears when the mode is live. Rather than launching a bugged playlist, the developer announced Ranked Play wouldn't launch on the intended date.

A delay to Ranked Play is far from ideal but it makes plenty of sense to postpone its launch rather than release a mode full of issues. Many competitive COD fans regard Treyarch as the best developer thanks to its legendary map design and pioneering League Play mode.

When Is Vanguard Ranked Play Coming Out?

As of writing (February 17, 2022), Treyarch has yet to confirm a new release date for Vanguard Ranked Play. Depending on how quickly the developer can address the issues, it could appear as part of the mid-season update expected to arrive in the first few weeks of March. Until then, standard multiplayer matches will have to satisfy demand.

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