Vanguard Players Want Armor Field Upgrade Removed

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With the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard a few months away, players are already requesting changes to be made to the Field Upgrades within multiplayer Thanks to the beta, the community has got their first taste of multiplayer action and have requested Sledgehammer Games to remove the Armor Field Upgrade altogether.

Field Upgrades were introduced to Call of Duty with the release of Modern Warfare 2019 and will be making a return in Vanguard. The Armor Field Upgrade provides players with some additional protection which can often prevent them from being eliminated.


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Vanguard Armor Field Upgrade

After playing the beta, Reddit user 'vol4lyfe123' published a post explaining why Armor has no place in Call of Duty multiplayer.


" I'm just gonna say it. Armor has no place in MP whatsoever. It creates incredibly inconsistent gunfights. You can get the drop on someone but if they have armor, they're probably winning that gunfight. Situations should rely on skill, gunplay, and positioning, not whether they have extra health or not. Combined with the two tapping Bar and STG, armor is extremely annoying and should be removed."

While some players agreed that Vanguard would be better off without Armor, some countered by stating that it needs some changes to its fast refresh rate. If it took longer for players to obtain the Field Upgrade, players earning some extra protection wouldn't be such an issue.

Will The Armor Field Upgrade Be Removed?

It's currently unclear as to whether Armor would be removed from Vanguard but with many players providing feedback to ensure the game is balanced when it releases on November 5th, there is a chance that Sledgehammer Games will be making some kind of changes so that Armor remains in the game.


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