Vanguard Players Request For Major Changes Due To Weapon Distortion

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The beta for Call of Duty: Vanguard is well underway, Although players have noticed a distortion effect when firing weapons, causing a huge problem while aiming against the enemies, the overall feedback has been positive. The distortion effect is causing blur among the players leading them to be confused as to where the enemy is standing.

Popular Call of Duty YouTuber, TheExclusiveAce has uploaded a video showing multiple instances where the enemy characters were becoming distorted even when all the video settings were turned off. He had a few questions for the developers in his video:

“How am I supposed to adjust my aim, when my target literally looks like this? This makes absolutely zero sense in a PvP environment.”


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Weapon Distortion Issue With Multiple Weapons

Machine Pistol Vanguard
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Machine Pistol Vanguard

There are various weapons in Vanguard having such issues, including the machine pistol which has major visibility issues while firing. All the enemy characters become blurry and appear to be out of shape.

The video explains how this problem is actually an "intentional visual effect", for enhancing the gameplay and making firing more realistic. While this could be helpful in making single-player missions better, fans are not happy with this feature in the multiplayer mode.

For now, the community has to patiently wait for Sledgehammer Games to address this feedback and make the necessary changes before the final launch of the game on November 5th.

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