Vanguard Players Upset With the MVP and Play of the Game System

Call of Duty Vanguard is now available on all platforms, and players are digging into Sledgehammer Games' latest offering, which sees the return to a World War 2 setting for the first time since 2016. Season 1 hasn't even begun, and players have already expressed their concerns on various elements of multiplayer, including spawns.

As players continue their Vanguard grind, classic features like Play of the Game haven't gone down well with the community. This coupled with the new MVP voting feature has led to several players ask the developers to make changes to the system to ensure a smoother experience.

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Vanguard Play of the Game and MVP System

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Call of Duty fans and players are often vocal and are quick to showcase any issues that are causing problems within the game. Reddit user ‘Deep_Oh’ took to the Vanguard subreddit to express their concerns on the MVP and Play of the Game systems which often showcase no action-packed gameplay.

“End-of-game play doesn't work as intended most of the time (we can all agree that seeing a double kill then the character just phasing out of existence is nothing worth taking time for). Why not just showing it IF something particular happened in the game ? I'm thinking quad-feed, ultrakill, etc…,” they said.

The community mutually agreed and further pointed out that the MVP system only rewards players that are scoring multi-kills. On the other hand, few pointed out that if as little as 30 seconds is inconvenient for the players, they should proceed with uninstalling the game itself.

Will MVP Voting Be Removed From Vanguard?

Sledgehammer Games has actively listened to the community’s feedback and with plenty of feedback on the two systems doing the rounds, changes to MVP voting and the Play of the Game could arrive in an upcoming update rather than being removed altogether.

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