Vanguard Player Uncovers Pay-to-Win STG 44 Blueprint

Season 1 for Call of Duty Vanguard hasn't even started yet but players have already discovered a weapon blueprint that is being branded as "pay-to-win," much to the annoyance of the community. Blueprints that can be purchased have always been present within Call of Duty, but some of them offer unfair advantages that cannot be matched by the set of available attachments.

The 'Debt Collector' blueprint for the STG 44 assault rifle (AR) features a weapon proficiency that is unavailable for those that haven't unlocked it and it was only a matter of time before players began to express their frustrations on an issue that continues to resurface.

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Update - 17th November 2021: The Steady Aim proficiency has been removed from the Debt Collector blueprint, seemingly suggesting that its appearance was unintentional.

COD Vanguard Pay-to-Win STG 44 Blueprint

Call of Duty Vanguard Debt Collector Bluprint
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The Epic blueprint comes with a predetermined set of ten attachments which is ideal for those that haven't ranked up the base version of the AR which is currently dominating the Vanguard metagame. Upon further inspection, many were quick to realise that the blueprint features the 'Steady Aim' proficiency which reduces movement penalties when firing the weapon.

Reddit user 'kingofnothinatall' hoped that the appearance of Steady Aim was unintentional: "Hopefully it's not intentional because I could definitely see them adding perks like Vital to the $20 blueprints in the store."

Will More Pay-to-Win Blueprints Arrive in Vanguard?

Considering the negative feedback coming from the Debt Collector blueprint, it would be surprising to see more pay-to-win blueprints make an appearance in Vanguard multiplayer but stranger things have happened. If players want to receive the best possible attachment combinations, there is a chance more advantages could be put behind a paywall but it wouldn't be a popular decision from Sledgehammer Games.

While we keep an eye out for more pay-to-win blueprints, check out the best STG 44 loadout that can be used without having to spend anything!

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