“It’s Everybody Else’s Fault Except for His” - Nadeshot Calls Out Scump’s Attitude in Call of Duty

Call of Duty has one of the most competitive scenes among all Esports, so there's no surprise that there's drama behind the scenes. Matthew 'Nadeshot' Haag and Seth' Scump' Abner played together on the same team as young pros. When he played with Scump, Nadeshot said that things were complicated when the games were over.

Nadeshot said Scump cared more about whether or not he did poorly than whether they were good as a team. If Scump did well, then any poor situation was caused by everyone else. Interviews with Scump reveal that even he did not think he had the team mindset he has now.

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Nadeshot talked about how it was to play with Scump on The Courage & Nadeshot Show.

In Nadeshot's own words:

"I would say the worst part about Seth was everything was black and white to him. So if the team played poorly, all he cared about is whether he did well and if he did well, it wasn't his fault. It was never—it was never like a team effort to get better."

Naseshot continued by saying that Scump believed that if he did well, it was "everybody else's fault except for his," regardless of how everyone else played. In an interview with Huntsmen in 2019, Scump admitted to being more arrogant when he was younger, which may seem strange because he seems like such a nice guy.

To quote Scump:

"... I hated my team, I thought we sucked. I was really arrogant at that age and I was kindof a diva. I mean more so than now, which is kind of surprising…"

Remember, that interview was about when Scump first started, but it shows that even players like Scump had to grow up a lot when they were first introduced into the scene and acknowledged their shortcomings.

If you want to see the whole talk, here are the clips:

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But what do you all think? Is it surprising that Scump was once a diva, or is he still showing signs of it today?

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