Vanguard Players Share Frustration Over Lack of Bug Fixes

Vanguard players are never afraid to share their thoughts and opinions on various elements of the game. Whether it's the addition of new playlists or suggesting changes to camo progression, the community often shares ideas that could drastically improve Sledgehammer Games' latest offering.

As attention begins to turn towards the launch of Season 2 Reloaded, numerous bugs and glitches are still impacting multiplayer matches much to the annoyance of those dropping into the action.

The issue has become so bad players are demanding Sledgehammer Games increases its efforts to improve and fix the flaws they're experiencing on a regular basis.

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COD Vanguard Bug Fixes

With an increasing number of players growing tired of waiting for fixes to arrive, Reddit user 'Qwayze_' says players "shouldn't have to wait for a 'season update' for basic fixes."

As expected, several players agreed with the player's opinion. One player made a comparison to Elden Ring, a game that received four updates in a month in order to address numerous issues impacting players. Others criticised Sledgehammer's Trello board which shows scheduled fixes rather than adding them into the game immediately.

When Will Vanguard Get Fixed?

With the Season 2 Reloaded update launching on March 23, it's highly likely numerous bug fixes will arrive in order to improve the current state of multiplayer. With the halfway stage of Vanguard's cycle nearing, is it too little too late as attention begins to switch towards the launch of Modern Warfare 2?

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