"It's Nothing Special" Moist Cr1TiKal Downplays Call of Duty: Vanguard

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Charles' Moist Cr1TiKal' White Jr. played the Vanguard Beta recently, and while he enjoyed the chat, he didn't feel that the game was worth the hype. Because of the new features and hackers, many streamers and pros are giving the game a lukewarm response. Moist Cr1TiKal, however, is not a big fan of the series.

Moist Cr1TiKal said he liked Vanguard more than Black Ops Cold War and Warzone because he hadn't yet played it. When he played Vanguard, he didn't see anything that made him think this wasn't just another Call of Duty installment. It was just a reskinned Call of Duty, and he didn't see anything remarkable about it.


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Should I Buy Vanguard?

Vanguard isn't worth your money, according to Moist Cr1TiKal. JGOD wasn't sure about the newest changes to the game, and we've reported on so many hackers in Vanguard that it's not even funny. Apparently, Charles' favorite part of the game was hearing the chat, which sounded like an old Xbox lobby from Call of Duty.

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When he was asked if the game was good, Moist Cr1TiKalsaid:

"This is only my second match but it's like normal COD, it's nothing special."

This may seem like he doesn't know what he's talking about, but this is Moist Cr1TiKal. Charlie has a series of reviews in which he rates how moist things are. Also, he owns an esports organization that has dominated most of the tournaments they have participated in.


While he's not a fan, he generally enjoys FPS games, and he recently said Splitgate was the "best FPS game." So perhaps Vanguard didn't do enough to distinguish itself from other Call of Duty games. Until it proves it can stop hackers, which it hasn't, it doesn't seem like all that was promised.

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