Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign: Lady Nightingale Walkthrough

After managing to save her brother and the Partisans from Nazi capture in Stalingrad, Polina Petrova's story continues in Lady Nightingale, the sixth mission in the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign. After the Axis managed to take control of the city following the invasion, Petrova is hunting down Steiner, a senior Nazi officer, as her latest target.

Set in a wartorn winter, the mission is a stark contrast to Numa Numa Trail which is set in the hot and humid jungle of the Pacific. In this guide, find a complete walkthrough of the Lady Nightingale mission along with some tips and tricks to beat the level on Veteran.

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Lady Nightingale Walkthrough

Lady Nightingale Call of Duty Vanguard Walkthrough
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The mission begins with you playing as Polina, now nicknamed Lady Nightingale, alongside Misha after evading Nazi capture in Stalingrad. While surveying the frozen wasteland, you manage to spot the glint of a sniper scope, forcing you to take cover and think of a new way to traverse the open space that lies ahead. Using binoculars, you lay eyes on an Axis convoy believed to be Steiner. Head over the barrier to catch up with Misha but before you do, sniper bullets begin to fly past your head.

Tip: There are a few pieces of cover, so make the most of them to regroup and plan your next move. When ready, signal Misha to draw out the snipers with the knife and pick off the targets one at a time.

Lady Nightingale Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign Mission
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With the snipers taken care of, move forward to the next line of cover. As you move, another wave of snipers will appear along with some ground troops. Repeating the same process, eliminate the snipers in time with Misha's distraction then clear up any stragglers.

As you move further up the field, an armoured soldier armed with an MG42 will emerge from a smoke grenade. Aim for the head to remove its helmet followed by a well-placed sniper shot will kill it relatively quickly. While moving through the rubble of a building, you catch another glimpse of Steiner's vehicle. Head through the trenches to keep track of it.

Lady Nightingale Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign Mission Walkthrough
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Get Misha To Safety

Misha spots Steiner exiting the vehicle to make some kind of exchange with what looks to be his superior officer. In a split second, a sniper opens fire and shoots him in the chest. Pick him up and carry him to the post office. You still have access to a pistol so you're not completely defenceless.

Lady Nightingale Call of Duty Vanguard Mission Walkthrough
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As you reach the post office, a rocket suddenly catapults the pair of you down a hole and into a more secluded area, injuring Misha even further, resulting in him sacrificing himself to guarantee your escape from capture.

Move Towards Steiner

Once the small cutscene plays, crawl along the tunnel of rubble that leads to another destroyed building. As you sneak along, loud shouts can be heard above as Steiner's men begin the search. After a few seconds, a piece of furniture is blocking the path. Go prone to move through a narrow passage guarded by a small section of fence.

Lady Nightingale Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign Mission Walkthrough
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Steiner will appear from the balcony, exclaiming that you cannot hide forever. As he disappears from view, move the fencing out of the way and silently take down any nearby opponents to avoid any unwanted attention. Advance to the next tier by climbing the ledge with the yellow blanket and head into the bathroom.

Turn immediately right and squeeze your way into the crack in the wall. The next room is filled with soldiers. Use your quick crouch movement speed to duck and dive under the counters to silently kill them, allowing you to advance to the next floor.

Lady Nightingale Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign Mission Walkthrough
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After scaling the wall, you'll spot another convoy of soldiers storm the building as the search continues, giving you plenty of time to creep along the small ledge separating one room from the other. Once inside the room filled with old furniture, it may look like you've hit a dead end but if you look at the image below, squeeze through the gap to carry on moving.

Lady Nightingale Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign Walkthrough
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Having made your way past the furniture, you'll continue moving along the ledge before a Nazi soldier sends you plummeting through several floors, sending you further away from Steiner. Those pesky snipers will reappear once again. Draw them out and patiently pick them off but be aware, Steiner has sent plenty more troops armed with shotguns so be prepared for some close-quarters action.

Once the area is clear of Axis soldiers, head towards the top of the building and close in on Steiner once more. Next to the central staircase are a set of bricks sticking out from the rest of the wall. Tap X/A/Jump to begin the ascent. Just as you're about to reach the top, a sniper knocks your rifle out of your hands and onto the ground, leaving you armed with just a knife.

Lady Nightingale Call of Duty Vanguard Mission Walkthrough
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Kill Steiner

After some more climbing, you end up inside a vent that collapses into the same room as Steiner, how convenient. Using the sound of his voice, track him down and stab him with the knife. The first attack doesn't seem to faze him, quickly brushing you off before disappearing.

Tip: If Steiner does manage to spot you, use the crawlspaces to hide from him. Also, be sure to turn off the record player to track his footsteps and voice!

You can only deal damage to Steiner from behind so be sure to position yourself in order to weaken him further. After a few attacks, Polina will say there's nowhere left for Steiner to run, allowing you to go in for the kill. Track the blood through the snow and you'll find Steiner leaning against the stone. Finish the job to complete the mission.

There you have it! That's how to complete Lady Nightingale in the Vanguard campaign. For more guides, check out the best FOV settings to use in multiplayer.

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