JGOD Reveals Fastest Leveling Trick In Vanguard

New Vanguard players need tips to level up their weapons, and James 'JGOD' Godoy has them. He has seen people use some of the worst strategies when using weapons that require 150,000 experience. We have videos as well as written tips.

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Vanguard weapon levels

  • Don't do zombies
    • If you want to level up, you don't need to play Vanguard Zombies. JGOD is adamant that the rounds are too slow to abuse leveling effectively. Do not go here if you only want to level your weapons.
    • The average zombie gives 12 XP. This means 12,000 zombies are needed to level up one weapon.
  • Play specific operators
    • Specific operators in multiplayer will handle certain weapons better. When you level a weapon that an operator prefers, you can gain some benefits.
    • Halima, with her MP5, is an example of a weapon that can be leveled while being more efficient.
  • Play what you're the best at
    • If you are good at it, you will level up faster.
    • We may say that Metas are great, but it really depends on what you're good at yourself. If you are good at it, you will earn medals, which give you experience points.
    • Domination and Blitz
      These modes together are so much faster than others.
  • Unfortunately, Blitz is not available in Hardcore.

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Here's the video itself:

These strategies work, as you can see.

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