Is Call of Duty: Vanguard a Battle Royale?

Call of Duty: Vanguard is officially coming out soon and now we know what kind of game it is thanks to a Warzone reveal, many are wondering if there will even be a single-player campaign or if it will pull a Black Ops 4 and become a Battle Royale again.

Since Activision has gone with the World War 2 setting for Call of Duty a number of times, turning it into a battle royale would make Call of Duty: Vanguard feel a bit fresh, with the dated weapons and historic locations making it feel unique, unless it’s a remake of an older game, of course.

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Is Call of Duty: Vanguard a Battle Royale?

Due to the popularity of the battle royale genre, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Call of Duty: Vanguard went that route, especially with the success of Black Ops 4 and Warzone, the latter of which is one of the most-played free-to-play shooters out there.

Of course, this could end up being a full-priced game, and it would be difficult to entice players to pick up Call of Duty: Vanguard if it were just a battle royale, so there’s a very good chance that this is a standard first-person shooter with multiplayer modes.

While Activision has seen success with Call of Duty battle royales, both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War have proven to be successful as well, which could mean that Call of Duty: Vanguard will just follow their formulas, albeit in World War 2.

More information on Call of Duty: Vanguard will be revealed in the months leading up to its release on November 5th.

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