Is COD 2021 Set In An Alternate Timeline?

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The rumour mill continues to churn for the 2021 instalment of the Call of Duty franchise after it was revealed that the working title for the game is ‘WWII: Vanguard.’ The news was met with a mixed reception from fans with some looking forward to a return to World War 2 and others saying that the setting had been overused in previous games.

Prior to this new dropping, it was believed that COD 2021 would be set in the 1950s and according to a new rumour that has emerged, this could well still be the case.

Despite the real end of World War 2 taking place in 1945 with the allies managing to defeat the Axis, this rumour is suggesting that the game is set in an alternate timeline?

So, is COD 2021 set in an alternate timeline?

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COD 2021 Alternate Timeline

The short answer is yes.

According to notable Call of Duty leaker and reporter @ModernWarzone, COD 2021 will feature an alternate timeline where World War 2 does not end in 1945.

In their March 23rd upload, it was revealed that the game will contain a purely fictitious timeline where World War 2 continues after 1945, meaning that COD 2021 could well end up in the 1950s for the very first time.

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Good Or Bad?


COD 2021 Alternate Timeline World War 2 Leaks
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I think that this news is a huge positive for COD 2021. Some of the very best single-player campaigns and multiplayer experiences have been titles that bear little to no resemblance to a period in history and it gives Sledgehammer Games an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to deciding the direction of the storyline.

With the game being set in an alternate timeline, it also means that COD 2021 may not be a direct sequel to 2017s World War 2, potentially creating a brand-new branch of the Call of Duty universe.

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