How to Import Cold War Settings to Vanguard

cCall of Duty Vanguard is out right now and as players begin to explore Sledgehammer Games' latest offering, many are attempting to configure their settings to suit their style of play, ranging from the optimum field of view (FOV) to the best controller settings, there are numerous in-game options that can be fine-tuned so you can get the upper hand over the opposition.

If you were able to find the perfect balance during the Black Ops Cold War cycle, there is a way to import those settings straight into Vanguard so the game looks similar to what you're already used to. In this guide, find out how to import your Cold War settings into Vanguard.

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How to Import Cold War Settings to Vanguard

How to Import Cold War Settings To Vanguard
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The process of importing your settings from one game to another is incredibly straightforward, taking just a few seconds to sort. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  1. Select the 'Account & Networks' tab.
  2. As soon as you open the tab, an option to import your settings should appear.
  3. Select the settings from Cold War then hit import.

Once you check the settings, they should be exactly the same as the ones you were using during the six seasons of post-launch content from Black Ops Cold War. Due to the different engines used by the two games, some settings may need modifying so it looks somewhat similar.

If the settings are not to your liking, we have several guides for Vanguard's FOV settings, the best audio settings to use, and the best controller settings that could well give you an advantage, especially when it comes to slide-cancelling.

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