Call of Duty Hackers Reveal Warzone Helped Them Cheat In Vanguard

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With the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta coming to an end on September 22nd, Sledgehammer Games has confirmed it will be fixing numerous bugs and issues before the full game launches. The beta was extended for a few days, enabling the developers to gather as much feedback as possible for the full release of the game on November 5th.

While the community was happy to step into the battlefield, the cheaters in the Vanguard beta came like a bolt from the blue. With aim botters ruining a plethora of matches on the same day the beta went live. Much to their annoyance, players were quick to question how they were cheating in the beta, and thanks to a report from Vice, one cheater exposed how easy it was for them to cheat.


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Vanguard Cheaters Ruin Beta

Vanguard is built a similar engine to Warzone and Modern Warfare, so it comes as no surprise that cheats on those games will carry over to Vanguard with little to no effort. In the report, an anonymous source confirmed that the majority of Vanguard's code is the same as Warzone's meaning it "has always been easy" for cheaters to get the upper hand.


Throughout the beta, hackers were clearly seen using aimbots, wallhacks, and even exploits that allowed them to end a match at their will. Twitter user BennyLongStroke shared a 10-second clip showing the best play from a game they were in. The clip shows the player locking onto the players hiding behind the walls, with unnatural levels of accuracy

Should Vanguard Players Be Worried?

Even though hackers were present during the Vanguard beta, it was revealed that the new anti-cheat expected to arrive with the new Warzone map was not active, which is good news for players hoping for a decrease in hackers across both titles.


With less than two months until the final release of Vanguard, we can expect Sledgehammer Games to unveil more information on the new game, including whether the game will feature a fully functioning ranked playlist at launch. Until then, check out everything we know about the single-player campaign and an all-new Zombies story.