First Details On COD 2021 Officially Revealed

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After several weeks of various leaks and rumours doing the rounds, Call of Duty publisher Activision has officially revealed details on the 2021 instalment in the popular first-person shooter franchise.

In its Q1 2021 conference call, the publisher confirmed that the game will be developed by Sledgehammer Games and will include a campaign, multiplayer, and co-op modes, contrary to some reports that suggested that the game was close to being cancelled altogether.

Despite Black Ops Cold War and Warzone's Season 3 in full swing, the news surrounding COD 2021 has turned plenty of attention to what's next in the Call of Duty franchise.


Here's all the information that was revealed during the conference call.

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Activision Reveals Information On COD 2021

COD 2021 Activision Q1 Conference Call

During the conference call, Activision's Chief Operating Officer had this to say on COD 2021, which is widely believed to be returning to a World War 2 setting:


"In particular, we are very excited for this year's premium Call of Duty release. Development is being led by Sledgehammer Games and the game is looking great and on track for its fall release. This is built for a next-generation experience with stunning visuals across campaign, multiplayer, and co-operative modes of play, designed to both integrate and enhance the existing Call of Duty ecosystem. We look forward to sharing more details with the community soon."

With next-gen hardware in mind, COD 2021 could well be one of the best-looking instalments in the history of the franchise. Could we see another gritty World War 2 title prove popular amongst fans?

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Release Date

As mentioned in the above quote, COD 2021 is still on track to release in the Autumn of this year, meaning it could release as early as October like 2019's Modern Warfare reboot or as late as Black Ops Cold War which released in the first half of November.

Warzone Integration

During the conference call, Activision also confirmed that the game would "integrate and enhance the existing Call of Duty ecosystem," heavily implying that the game will be embedded into Warzone at some point after its release.

Reveal Date

Activision says that more information will be revealed "soon," suggesting that there might not be too long to wait until we get our first look at the new game!