Vanguard Double Barrel Shotgun Meta Comes to an End

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For the vast majority of Season 1 for Call of Duty Vanguard, players have gravitated towards the Double Barrel Shotgun thanks to their immense power in close-quarters engagements.

In the build-up to Season 2, players expressed their frustration about the weapon dominating the meta, and on January 20, Sledgehammer Games implemented a significant nerf to bring them in line.

Thanks to the nerf, some players are struggling to adapt to the new meta, much to the delight of some players tired of being on the receiving end of a swift one-shot kill.

Vanguard Double Barrel Shotgun Nerf
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Vanguard Double Barrel Shotgun Nerf

After several weeks of players dominating with two double-barrel shotguns at their disposal, Reddit user 'Kalashcocknov' expressed their hilarity as they watched players attempt to use the weapons without realising stronger guns in the arsenal are available.

The post states how the overpowered weapons catered to lesser-skilled players and how some have struggled to get to grips with the likes of the STG 44 and the MP40. While the Double Barrel Shotgun falls out of favour, the Combat Shotgun has taken its place, excelling in close-range combat.

Will The Combat Shotgun Get Nerfed?

As Sledgehammer Games continues to monitor weapon performance, there's every chance that the Combat Shotgun will be the next weapon that receives a nerf before it becomes a force to be reckoned with in Vanguard multiplayer. If you're looking to dominate when up close and personal with an opponent, it's probably best to do so before the developers intervene with another nerf!


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