Vanguard Dead Drop Glitch Gives Players Unlimited Killstreaks

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Pre-season for Call of Duty Vanguard is coming to an end and as players begin to turn their attention towards the start of Season 1, some members of the community are encountering a range of bugs and glitches that can give them huge advantages over their opposition.

One such bug is giving players the ability to earn an unlimited amount of Killstreaks over the course of a match, much to the confusion of players using the Dead Drop Field Upgrade. Once the highest Killstreak has been earned, players are using the Field Upgrade before respawning into the action, needing a single kill to score the highest streak once again.

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Vanguard Dead Drop Glitch

Call of Duty Vanguard Dead Drop Glitch
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The glitch was discovered by Dexerto Senior Writer Jacob Hale, who jumped into a multiplayer match and managed to score the Attack Dogs Killstreak. After using it, the player used Dead Drop before being outgunned by another player but rather than the Killstreak counter resetting, the player respawned needing just one kill to call in another set of Attack Dogs.

It appears that Jacob wasn't the only player that had encountered this somewhat unusual glitch. Another player had managed to call in two Flamenauts during a Shipment match, much to their surprise. "I was able to call in the flamethrower killstreak 2 times in a row on shipment and was not sure how. Now it makes sense."

Will The Dead Drop Glitch Get Fixed?


Considering the severity of the issue and how many players are using it to gain an unfair advantage, it's highly likely that Sledgehammer Games will be addressing the problem in an upcoming update. With the start of Season 1 on the horizon, there's every chance the problem will be addressed in the patch notes.

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