Vanguard Players Demand Fixes To Connection Problems

Connection issues aren't anything new when playing Vanguard. Rather than internet connection being the problem for some players in Season 2, it appears that in-game issues are causing connection problems.

More often than not, connection issues revolve around factors such as signal strength and location but as players get to grips with the recent MP40 nerf, many are reporting more frequent issues involving latency variation and regular doses of packet burst.

Following the launch of Ranked Play, members of the community have managed to notice a difference in connection, leaving many struggling to enjoy any kind of online gameplay.

Call of Duty Vanguard Connection Issues
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Vanguard Connection Issues

Several players claim issues with connection in Vanguard have increased since the Season 2 update which launched on February 14. Numerous players have shared their frustrations on Reddit, showcasing pings that are higher than normal in addition to constant waves of packet burst causing lag.

Thanks to the fast pace of Vanguard, the last thing players want is a sudden burst of lag interrupting their match. Despite the best efforts of Sledgehammer Games, issues are continuing to plague the game.

Will Vanguard Connection Issues Get Fixed?

Thankfully, the developer is already aware of the packet burst issues impacting players according to its Trello board. There's every chance the developer continues to fine-tune the game to eradicate poor connectivity, especially with the Season 2.5 update on the horizon.

Until then, we recommend ensuring your internet is functioning properly to rule out any outside interference impacting your Vanguard gameplay.

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