Vanguard Players Claim Combat Pacing Ruins Matches

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Although Season 3 of Vanguard is on the horizon, the hype surrounding the latest season of post-launch content is low compared to Warzone.

With the game cycle about to reach the halfway point, Sledgehammer Games' title has missed the mark in many aspects. Despite the arrival of a Trophy System and regular improvements to multiplayer, players continue to share their concerns.

The latest area of concern involves Combat Pacing, one of Vanguard's new innovations. Players claim the differences in pacing are negatively impacting multiplayer, with some going as far as saying the feature is "ruining" matches.

Vanguard Combat Pacing Ruins Matches

The topic gained traction following a Reddit post published by user "Jfu88" claiming the feature isn't improving the multiplayer experience. The differences in pace are designed to offer players the usual dose of six-versus-six action or the high-octane matches featuring lobbies packed with as many players as possible.

Rather than entering matches full of players, the user struggles to load into "consistent lobbies" that don't contain the desired number of opponents. "I have selected Blitz pacing, and I'm not even kidding when I say probably 7 or 8 times out of 10, I get Tactical with 3 other players" which is far from ideal.

In addition to inconsistent match lobbies, commenters claim that a "declining player base" is playing a part in the current matchmaking problems.

Considering Vanguard has reached the halfway stage of its cycle, there's little chance of the situation improving much to the annoyance of those still jumping into multiplayer.

With reports of Vanguard's cycle ending after Season 5, attention is already turning towards the launch of Modern Warfare 2 likely containing plenty of innovations that surpass what Combat Pacing has to offer.


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