CDL Pros Request Vanguard Health Change

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The competitive Vanguard season is well underway as the 12 Call of Duty League (CDL) teams continue to battle it out ahead of the opening major of 2022.

Following a reversal on the decision to ban sniper rifles from competitive play, CDL pros are calling on Sledgehammer Games to make adjustments to health levels in a bid to counter Vanguard's fast time to kill (TTK).

The current health level is 100 HP, but numerous players have suggested an increase to 130. This change would slow the hectic pace alongside increasing the skill gap.

CDL Pros Call For Vanguard Health Changes
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CDL Vanguard Health Change

Since Vanguard launched back in November 2021, players quickly discovered that the TTK is one of the fastest in the history of the franchise. Guns used in professional matches such as the Automaton and the MP40 are capable of shredding through opposition in a split second, leading to a fast pace of play that's difficult for spectators to watch.

Atlanta FaZe slayer Tyler 'aBeZy' Pharris suggested bumping up the health "to make the game play out better."

Multiple players agreed with the decision but Dylan 'Envoy' Hannon of the LA Thieves a change to health would render all grenades useless.

If health levels increased to 130 or higher, three grenades hitting a player armed with the Fortified Perk wouldn't kill them, causing a huge imbalance and making the change unlikely.

What Will Change In Competitive Vanguard?

With everyone supporting the idea of increasing the TTK, perhaps a dose of weapon balancing is the next option to improve competitive Vanguard. It will be interesting to see what Sledgehammer Games has in store as part of future updates.

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