Vanguard Bloom Nerfed in November 18th Update

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te Although Call of Duty Vanguard has been out for a couple of weeks, players were extremely quick to express their frustrations on a hidden mechanic that's been added into multiplayer. Known as bloom, or ADS spread, the mechanic prevents bullets from landing exactly where they're aiming, causing significant inaccuracies during a gunfight.

Thanks to the vast variety of attachments that are available in the Gunsmith, there are attachments that can reduce the effects of bloom, but the vast majority of the community seem to agree that bloom has no place in Call of Duty as Season 1 approaches. After several complaints, Sledgehammer Games has nerfed the feature in the November 18th update.


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Vanguard Bloom Nerf

Call of Duty Vanguard Bloom Nerf
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Alongside the bloom nerf, Sledgehammer Games also fixed a frustrating glitch that allowed the attacking team to see when the bomb was being defused in Search & Destroy along with an exploit that saw players gain access to a huge increase in health when Armor Plates were equipped.

The developer says that it has "reduced the effects of ADS Spread (aka Bloom) on base weapons (without attachments)," meaning players can increase or decrease the amount depending on which attachments have been selected. For a more detailed breakdown of the changes, Call of Duty YouTuber TheXclusiveAce showed the new bloom patterns for Vanguard's assault rifles, with the AS44 and Volk receiving the biggest improvements.

For those that aren't fans of bloom, it is still present in Vanguard multiplayer even if you've equipped all of the attachments that improve levels of accuracy, meaning there is a possibility of a few shots failing to hit the target. Players might not be happy, but Sledgehammer Games taking feedback on board and acting upon it.

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