Best Type 99 Loadout, Blueprint & Attachments for Call of Duty Vanguard

Sniper Rifles are a mainstay in the Call of Duty franchise and are easily some of the most popular weapons to use in Vanguard's action-packed multiplayer mode. Whether you want to quickscope the opposition with ease or patiently wait for an enemy to stroll into your crosshair, the three snipers provide plenty of options. As Season 1 gets underway, the Type 99 is still a popular choice after it was buffed by Sledgehammer Games.

The first sniper available to use is the Type 99, a lightweight sniper armed with the ability to take down another player with just a single bullet to the head or upper torso. In this guide, find the best Type 99 loadout to use as well as the best Type 99 attachments to equip to this deadly long-range rifle.

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How to Unlock

The Type 99 is one of the weapons available to use as soon as you unlock Create-A-Class at Level 3, meaning you won't need to spend any time working your way through the 55 levels.

Best Vanguard Type 99 Attachments

The base version is a solid foundation to build, especially with a total of ten attachment slots available to fill with a range of attachments to improve the Type 99's performance. After some time testing, this is the best set to use:

  • Muzzle: G28 Compensator
  • Barrel: Shiraishi Short
  • Optic: G16 2.5x
  • Stock: Sakura CVR Custom
  • Underbarrel: Heavy Foregrip
  • Magazine: 8MM Klauser 5 Round Mags
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip
  • Proficiency: Spotter
  • Kit: Deep Breath

This particular combination is the most versatile to use and suits all styles of play. The Shiraishi Short Barrel provides improvements to aim-down sight speed while the Polymer Grip reduces levels of flinch which allows you to keep the focus on the intended target.

The Best Type 99 Loadout in Vanguard

Once the attachments have been selected, the rest of the loadout can be modified in several ways to give you even more advantages during a match. Depending on which of the best Perks, Equipment, and Field Upgrades you decide to use, you can either navigate the map quickly or launch a barrage of additional damage thanks to some additional grenades.


  • Perk 1: Fortified
  • Perk 2: High Alert
  • Perk 3: Overkill

This set of Perks is the most versatile to use alongside the Type 99. Fortified provides a 15% reduction in damage dealt from incoming explosives while High Alert drastically increases your awareness thanks to the bright orange light that flashes when an enemy has spotted you.

Lastly is Overkill. The ability to carry two primary weapons in the same loadout is a surefire way to succeed in any kind of in-game scenario. While the Type 99 deals the damage at longer distances, select the MP-40 for some close-quarters firepower.


  • Lethal: Gammon Bomb
  • Tactical: Smoke Grenade

The Gammon Bomb is growing in popularity thanks to its ability to explode on impact, whether it's a surface or in the face of a nearby enemy. When using the Type 99, finding a new vantage point can be tricky so we've selected the Smoke Grenade for some much-needed cover when moving around the map.

Field Upgrade

  • Tactical Insertion

The Tactical Insertion has made its return to Call of Duty! If you've managed to find a place on the map where you can thrive with the Type 99, place the Tactical Insertion down to respawn in exactly the same place. Just be aware of anyone waiting for you to reappear!

The Best Type 99 Blueprint in Vanguard

The Type 99 is yet to receive a weapon blueprint in Vanguard but as soon as it does, we will update this guide with the best one to use as well as how to get your hands on it.

Is The Type 99 Good in Vanguard?

Despite the impressive mobility and the ability to score one-shot kills with a bit of accuracy, it's not the best sniper to use in Vanguard even with this strong set of attachments equipped. Compared to the Kar98k, the Type 99 isn't strong so if you want a sniper to use. I recommend taking a look at the Kar.

There you have it! That's how to build the very best Type 99 loadout for multiplayer action in Vanguard. For more guides, check out the best STG 44 loadout to use along with our definitive marksman rifle tier list.

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