Best MK11 Launcher Loadout & Blueprint for Call of Duty Vanguard

Launchers are a staple in several Call of Duty titles, with many players opting to use them to score multiple kills quickly or to destroy any enemy Killstreaks that could be patrolling the skies. Despite the World War 2 setting, Call of Duty Vanguard features four launchers that feature varying characteristics to deal as much damage as possible during a match. As Season 1 gets underway, there's every chance players will utilise this launcher to their advantage.

The MK11 Launcher is perhaps the most unique, firing two-inch mortars rather than a fully-fledged rocket and despite its compact design, this launcher is incredibly effective in eliminating opposition. With that said, find the best MK11 Launcher loadout to use in this guide!

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How to Unlock

The MK11 Launcher is the last launcher to unlock in Vanguard. Available to use at Level 52, it will take a while before you can get your hands on it and slot it into your loadouts.

The Best MK11 Launcher Loadout

As the MK11 Launcher has no attachments, success heavily relies on how strong and versatile your loadout is. Selecting a strong primary weapon alongside the best Perks, Equipment, and Field Upgrade are all key ingredients that need to be balanced in order to make an impact with this particular launcher.

Primary Weapon

The Automaton is an incredible assault rifle to use alongside the MK11 Launcher. The fast fire rate combined with non-existent recoil makes it the perfect weapon to fall back on if you've run out of ammo for the launcher.


  • Perk 1: Fortified
  • Perk 2: Tracker
  • Perk 3: Double Time

Fortified is integral when using a launcher. The 15% reduction in explosive damage often protects you from any damage dealt from the MK11 Launcher. Tracker allows you to see any enemy footsteps that are nearby, making it very straightforward to track them down and deal the devastating damage with the launcher.

Double Time is the third and final Perk we selected. The increase in Tactical Sprint allows you to make the most of the MK11's high mobility in order to reposition effectively.


  • Lethal: Gammon Bomb
  • Tactical: Stim

For some more explosive damage, the Gammon Bomb is the perfect last resort to use if you're faced with an oncoming player. Throw it at them for an explosive result!

It's more than likely you'll be hit several times when using the MK11 Launcher. To ensure health remains high, use the Stim to instantly regenerate to get straight back into the action.

Field Upgrade

  • Supply Box

Ammunition for the MK11 Launcher is very easy to burn through, which is why the Supply Box comes in handy during a match. Place it on the ground to earn some additional ammo to continue decimating the opposition.

The Best MK11 Launcher Blueprint in Vanguard

The MK11 Launcher hasn't got a blueprint available just yet but as soon as it does get one, we will update the guide with the best one to use along with how to obtain it.

Is The MK11 Launcher Good in Vanguard?

It may look small but the MK11 Launcher is easily one of the more versatile launchers to use in Vanguard multiplayer. The solid levels of mobility combined with the deadly damage of the mortar rounds mean it's perfect to score several kills on the smaller maps such as Das Haus. If you're after a strong launcher, don't hesitate to test the MK11 Launcher and this lethal loadout.

There you have it, that's the best MK11 Launcher loadout to use in multiplayer! For more guides, check out the best Combat Shield loadout and how to complete Elite Operator challenges.

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