Scump Says Vanguard is Better than Cold War and Modern Warfare

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Seth' Scump' Abner recently played the Vanguard beta and had nothing but good things to say--except for 'time to kill' (TTK). With his poor performance with Black Ops: Cold War, to the point where many thought he would retire, it's understandable to expect him to be pessimistic about this installment. Instead, Scump sounds like he's looking forward to competing with other players in Vanguard.

He mentioned many games, such as Warzone, Black Ops: Cold War, and Modern Warfare. Still, one thing that kept coming up was how good the latest installment looked compared to many of the previous ones. It's a big thing to say about a Beta, but Scump was aware that this game is in its early stages.


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Vanguard Competitive

Scrump went over some of the features offered by Vanguard. He liked the maps that brought back fan favorites to the different modes, weapons, spawn points, and even the number of players per map. Scump describes the game as an all-around improvement from Black Ops: Cold War and a great nostalgic reminder of Modern Warfare.


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To quote Scump on Competitive Multiplayer:

"I think that, from what I saw, it'll be better than Modern Warfare and Cold War competitively, just from what I saw."

Scump only had a problem with TTK, and that seems to be the common complaint. The time to kill is so short that it looks almost too realistic. Scump admitted that Warzone had a short TTK too, but it didn't feel this short. I felt like enemies died relatively quickly from watching the clip.


However, Scump is incredibly optimistic about this new installment in the Call of Duty series.