Call Of Duty 2021 Campaign Leaks Suggest Game Has You Assassinating Hitler In A Prolonged World War 2

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As we get closer and closer to the launch of Call Of Duty 2021 we will start to hear and see more leaks, with today's most recent offering up some details on the story and campaign experience players might get.

This new leak comes from a user on Reddit who claims he has a friend who works as a script reader in LA and had this information passed down to him when someone close to this script reader worked with Sledgehammer Games.

The game is reportedly a direct continuation of Call of Duty: WWII, although it isn't clear to what extent this plays into the story and characters. Originally set to have a branching storyline based on player decisions, this feature was cut due to time constraints and the reported troubled development of this Call of Duty game.


Set during an alternate history retelling of World War 2, the war has been prolonged several years and you are a special unit member of a task force called Vanguard, whose goal is to assassinate Hitler. Vanguard consists of soldiers from a number of allied nations, including a Japanese American (which is highlighted in the leak).

One plotline in the game reportedly revolves around disarming a nuclear bomb. The game is also suggested to be written by Jeremy Breslau, who previously wrote the narratives for WWII and Black Ops Cold War, so it seems likely he could be developing this new story.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumour right now and the user doesn't have any track record of sharing details ahead of an announcement. But, this isn't the first time information has emerged like this.

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With leaks coming out the next Call of Duty game is reportedly called "WWII: Vanguard", which would play into a lot of the details in this leak. Activision has also confirmed the first details about Call of Duty 2021.