Will Modern Warfare 2 Be Xbox Exclusive?

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After Microsoft revealed that it would be acquiring Activision Blizzard in a multi-billion dollar deal, the Call of Duty community has been asking a range of questions surrounding how the deal will impact future releases.

With some wondering whether the franchise will arrive on Xbox Game Pass, others have been curious to know whether Call of Duty will become an Xbox exclusive which could isolate millions of those that get their Call of Duty fix using a PlayStation.

So, will Modern Warfare 2 be an Xbox exclusive? Here's everything we know about the possibility of it happening.

Will Modern Warfare II Be Xbox Exclusive?
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Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Exclusive

Considering Activision's deal with Microsoft won't be completed until mid-2023, it's unlikely that 2022's Modern Warfare II won't be an Xbox exclusive, much to the relief of PlayStation players.

In fact, Infinity Ward's latest offering is being developed using PlayStation consoles so any kind of exclusivity deal could go against any agreement Sony already has in place.

At the moment, it looks like Modern Warfare 2 won't be an Xbox exclusive, which is good news for PlayStation users.

Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Exclusive
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Will Call of Duty 2023 Release on PlayStation?

While nothing official surrounding PlayStation's Call of Duty future has been revealed, Bloomberg reports that Microsoft intends on making some Activision games for Sony's console, but also intends on making some exclusive to Xbox and PC.

The exact details on which games will be available for PlayStation have yet to be revealed but considering the huge number of players using the consoles to play, it would be unlikely to see Microsoft cut them off completely.


That's everything we know about Modern Warfare 2 being an Xbox exclusive title. For more news, leaks, and rumours, check out our dedicated hub containing everything we know about the game so far!

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