Possible Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Leaked

Despite a lack of official information, the hype surrounding the launch of Modern Warfare 2 is beginning to build. With players losing interest in Vanguard, attention on 2019's Modern Warfare sequel is high.

With various leaks and rumours surrounding the return of Last Stand and plenty of classic maps appearing as DLC throughout its cycle, many are beginning to wonder when we will see Modern Warfare 2 in action.

As the community waits, a leak showcasing unreleased footage may have shown Modern Warfare 2 gameplay for the very first time.

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Leak
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Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Leak

On March 31, Twitter user 'CoDPerseus_' posted a video showing a player model firing a weapon and taking cover next to an unfinished car. Seconds later, the model darts out of cover before taking a bullet and falling to the ground.

The video quickly gathered momentum, with fans wondering whether the footage is legitimate. In response to the video, notable leaker 'RalphsValve' clarified the origins of the video. "This isn't footage from Modern Warfare II," the leaker states. "This is an animation test from Lukasz Wenc, a senior animator at Infinity Ward."

When Does Modern Warfare 2 Come Out?

At the time of writing (April 1), an official release date for Modern Warfare 2 hasn't appeared. Early rumours suggest an October release date in a bid to soften the blow of Vanguard's poor sales figures. With the game's expected launch nearly six months away, there's every chance offical teasers begin to appear soon.

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