Bully 2 Almost Complete, Still Cancelled Back In 2009

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Rockstar Games has always been known for releasing big titles ever since the late 2000s. However, one of these titles was supposed to be the sequel for Bully. Even though this game was almost done, the game was confirmed to be cancelled.

According to former Rockstar Games employees that Gameinformer interviewed, Rockstar New England developed Bully 2 as a a direct sequel to the first one. The original Bully was a critical and financial success for Rockstar Games. The whole studio working on this title was confident that Bully 2 was "their game" before the team inevitably left and laidoff from the company due to development issues that plagued the development before its cancellation.

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Bully 2 Almost Complete, Still Cancelled Back In 2009

Prior to the game being shelved, the developers were planning to give Bully 2 a map with a similar size to GTA Vice City with every building can be entered. Additionally, the former developers confirmed of a similar Red Dead Redemption Honor system where Jimmy Hopkins will be affect his interactions with the NPCs depending on his treatment of them. The game also had missions and an explorable world in the last build that the former developers remember on it.

As of now, the demand for the next Bully is still present. Some of the former development team who've worked on the title are still interested in returning to it. Meanwhile, former Rockstar Games Vice President Dan Houser also voiced his interest to return to this game prior to his departure from the company just this 2020.

For now, we'll have to see if Rockstar Games will truly pick this game up after many years of fans looking for the next entry of this game.

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