Brawlhalla Walking Dead Event Re-Run Confirmed

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Blue Mammoth Games and TMC has recently confirmed that the Walking Dead event would have a rerun for Brawlhalla. Characters from the TMC's TV series will be playable in this platform fighter and the limited-time PvE game mode against zombies may return for this event. Here's what we know about this incoming event.

Brawlhalla x Walking Dead Crossover Event Confirmed

According to the official The Walking Dead on AMC Twitter, the crossover event of this show will be returning to Brawlhalla soon. This Walking Dead event is a rerun as it was already ran once in 2020 unless the developers and AMC has something new to offer this time around.

In the first introduction of this event, players will get an exclusive crossover skin that's based from Michonne, Daryl Dixon, and Rick Grimes. Additionally, a new limited-time event will be playable where two players will face hordes of walkers to survive until either the zombies or players are cleared out.

We'll have to wait for more updates from the developers if there are new content for this Walking Dead crossover this 2021.

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Exclusive Skins

The exclusive Walking Dead skins that were introduced for the event were crossover skins that fully changed the animations and character model of a Brawlhalla legend. For this event, Koji, Barraza, and Ember received skins to the full likeness of the characters from The Walking Dead.

These crossover skins get their own character slot in the Legend select screen. However, these character's moves are still based from some of the Legends that are currently available in Brawlhalla. Here's the movesets that these characters borrow from in their appearance in Brawlhalla.

  • Michonne - Koji
  • Daryl Dixon - Ember
  • Rick Grimes - Barraza

However, these skins can only be purchased through Brawlhalla's premium currency. Unless the developers introduce a new set of characters for the returning event, the current Walking Dead skins may get some discounts this 2021.

Limited Walker Attack! Game Mode

Other than the skins, players also got the Walkers Attack! game mode where two players had to face off hordes of walkers and survive. In this mode, the walkers are not actually shambling zombies but unarmed Legends that'll rush and overwhelm the players as much as they can. As the wave level progresses, more walkers rush in and start to use more of the game's systems to try and push the players off the map.


We may get this game mode again soon unless the developers are planning something else for this upcoming Walking Dead event this 2021.

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