Borderlands 3 Originally Had Danny DeVito As Typhon DeLeon

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Borderlands 3 is in the midst of celebrating its 2nd anniversary, with a plethora of impressive gear and loot. But before its launch in 2019, early development initially involved casting the iconic Matilda actor, Danny DeVito, as one of the NPCs in the game.

Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford has revealed that the Batman Returns star was originally supposed to voice Typhon DeLeon in Borderlands 3.

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Borderlands 3 Originally Had Danny DeVito As Typhon DeLeon

Pitchford discussed the creation of DeLeon which begun with his visit to Paddy's Pub set of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. During his visit, DeVito discussed his love for video games and how he would love to voice a character in one of Gearbox's games. Typhon DeLeon was developed with his likeness in mind.

But Mike Cosner's filled a table read involving the character and was reportedly a great fit for the role:

He just owned it at the table reads - was killing it. When it came time to record temporary voice over for early builds of the game, Mike got in there and just nailed it. It felt right. It was fun and it was Typhon.

Eventually, Cosner ended up becoming the official voice actor for Typhon DeLeon. But with a Borderlands movie coming soon, it's possible that DeVito could play a live-action version of the character in its sequels.