Borderlands 3 Has A Cross-Play Update Ready, But They've Had To Pull PlayStation Support

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Just when we thought cross-play was being widely accepted, we're suddenly one step back again. While most popular multiplayer games are now implementing it, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford's just advised that Borderlands 3's been forced to remove support for PS4 and PS5 players.

Speaking on Twitter to confirm this, Pitchford issued this statement:

Good news or bad news first? Good News: An update for Borderlands 3 has been prepared for release that includes full crossplay support across all platforms. Bad News: For certification, we have been required by the publisher to remove crossplay support for PlayStation consoles.

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Borderlands 3 Has A Cross-Play Update Ready, But They've Had To Pull PlayStation Support

In this case, that publisher would be 2K Games, though it's unclear whether Sony's played any hand in this, considering their historic opposition to cross-platform multiplayer. It's also unclear whether they'll still release the patch between Xbox and PC right now.

While Borderlands 3 didn't support wider cross-play between consoles and PC, it has supported cross-play within console families. For example, Xbox Series X and Xbox One players can play together. Right now, neither company has commented on the situation, so we're awaiting further clarification.

Elsewhere, Take-Two recently outlined plans to launch 21 games across the upcoming fiscal year, which includes a "new Gearbox franchise". We've not got a look-in to what this could be yet, but they are confirmed to appear at Summer Games Fest and E3 2021 next month. As such, we may find out soon.