Borderlands 3 Christmas Event 2020: Release Date, Shift Codes and Holiday Rewards

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The Christmas holidays are approaching and with that comes season events in-game.

So far we haven't seen any major Christmas events in Borderlands 3.


Although last year they did release some gifts to players.

Here's everything we know about the seasonal event in BL3.

There's currently sparse information but we'll update this article as more is mentioned about the event in the lead up to Christmas time!

Borderlands 3 Christmas Event 2020

Just last year players were all over Reddit discussing Christmas events in BL3.

Here they discuss DLCs in general and plenty had a moan about the lack of an event.

Release Date

Gearbox hasn't confirmed a release date yet, unfortunately.


If we find out anything more related to the topic we'll let you know!


Let's take a look back at the rewards from last year.

Downloadable Content

  • Gift of Mayhem Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers Pack
  • Violent Night song

Shift Codes

  • x3 Echo Skins
  • Legendary Assault Rifle
  • Weapon Trinket
  • Vault Hunter Skin
  • x3 Golden Keys

Obviously, the codes for these items have since expired, so don't go trying to redeem them now.

Many of the community are hoping for a full-fledged Christmas event this time around.

So far Gearbox has made no comment or confirmed anything related to the matter.

Previous events such as the Bloody Harvest were a hit with the community.

So fingers crossed they do the same this winter as it's clear the developers have no intention on slowing down with more content for the game.

In fact, follow the link for all you need to know about the next slab of Borderlands 3 DLC.