When Is Standoff Coming To Cold War?

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Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War is well underway and while players get stuck into the wealth of brand-new content available, some are still waiting for a specific map to make its long-awaited return to the Call of Duty franchise.

Alongside the new weapons, Operators, and original maps, it was revealed that iconic map Standoff would be arriving at some point during Season 3.

The map first appeared in Black Ops 2 and quickly gained popularity amongst the casual and competitive players thanks to its simplistic design and a variety of vantage points to suit any style of play.


Since the announcement of its return went live, Treyarch has remained tight-lipped on when the map will be arriving. So when exactly is one of the best Call of Duty maps of all time coming to Cold War?

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Standoff Black Ops Cold War Release Date

Standoff Cold War Release Date Season 3

So far, we know that Standoff will be arriving to Cold War at some point during Season 3.


While an exact release date isn't yet known, players can expect the map to drop at around the halfway point of the season, coinciding with its mid-season update.

Standoff is the third classic map to be added into Cold War after Raid arrived in Season 1 and Express made an appearance in Season 2.

The addition of popular maps from old titles has proved popular amongst the player base, with many saying that they prefer playing the older maps as opposed to the newer maps in the Cold War arsenal.

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Why Standoff?

Black Ops 2 features some of the best maps ever seen in a Call of Duty title thanks to their three-lane structure, predictable spawns, and how well they played across all game modes.

Standoff stood out from many of the maps thanks to the features mentioned above alongside the numerous weapons that could be utilised to make an impact during a match.


Players could patrol the main road with a sniper rifle while the aggressors could thrive in the close-quarters chaos that often took place in the house in the middle of the map.

With its arrival during Season 3 imminent, many are looking forward to jumping into Standoff once again.

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