What's In The CDL Pack, How Much Does It Cost, and How To Get It

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Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is finally here! 

Players are now able to jump into all of the new maps Treyarch has added this season, along with the new weapons.


One aspect they have also fine-tuned are some of the Operator skins.

There are some fantastic news ones with the release of the new season, including upcoming bundles players are looking ahead too.

Here is everything included and how to obtain the CDL Operator Bundle! 



The CDL Pack is purchasable NOW within the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC stores of Black Ops Cold War.

The pack retails for $9.99 USD!



What Is It

The pack is commemorating the kick-off to the second annual CDL season, which will be beginning soon.

The pack will include a brand new CDL skinned Operator, with variants to both black and white colorways.

As well, the bundle will include the following via CharlieINTEL: 

  • Operator Skins: A new CDL Operator is included in this pack with two variant skins — a black outfit and a white outfit.
  • Calling Cards: 2 Calling Cards are included, ‘EGO CHALL’ and ‘IT’S MY YEAR’.
  • Emblems: 3 Emblems are included, ‘RUN IT BACK’, ‘GET THAT BAG’, and ‘F/A FREE AGENT’.
  • Weapon Stickers: 5 Weapon stickers are included. 3 for different competitive player role types: ‘MAIN’, ‘SUB’, and ‘FLEX’. 2 stickers are included for Multiplayer play styles: ‘SLAYER’ and ‘CAMPER’.

Take a look at the pack down below: 


Image via CharlieINTEL 


Team Skins?

We can assume Activision is also going to release team based Operators as they did for Modern Warfare.

This should come with the release of the second CDL season, which is unknown as of now! 


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