What Is Rambo's Gun Game?

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Rambo is getting his own mode in Black Ops Cold War as part of the Season 3 Reloaded update - Rambo's Gun Game.

With the 80s Action Hero theme taking a shining role in this new update, it's now bleeding into some staple game modes.

So what is Rambo's Gun Game and how does it work in Cold War?


What Is Rambo's Gun Game?

Rambo's Gun Game is a variant on the classic mode Gun Game.

The game mode follows a very similar style, but instead of the usual weaponry, it involes Rambo themed weapons.

This features 20 high-powered weapons including the Combat Bow, War Machine, RPG-7 and the Death Machine.

It seems this mode will feature explosive weapons, heavy weaponry and even scorestreaks.

We imagine the same maps used in regular Gun Game will be on offer and the rules will remain the same.

The mode goes live next week in Cold War.

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