Black Ops Cold War Players Request Treyarch To Add Popular Warzone Feature

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Despite the cycle for Black Ops Cold War coming to its conclusion at the end of Season 6, players are still dropping into multiplayer as the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard draws near. With many members of the community still playing Treyarch's latest release, some have requested the developer to add a simple, yet incredibly popular feature from Warzone into multiplayer.

The ability to randomise the brutal Finishing Moves has been in the battle royale for several months, enabling players to add some variety to the unique manoeuvres that have led to the end of a match for so many.


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Cold War Random Finishing Moves

Black Ops Cold War Random Finishing Move Filter

The suggestion quickly gained traction after Reddit user 'Daltax_' suggested the simple filter should be added into Black Ops Cold War. "This would require little to no work and would make many happy I think," the user stated alongside a mockup of what it could look like within the game.


The concept quickly proved to be a hit amongst Black Ops Cold War players, with many giving the idea their seal of approval. "This is an amazing idea," one user commented, "[I] hope they implement it." Some took the idea further, suggesting that the randomised filter could be added to other aspects of multiplayer. Another player stated that the filter already exists for Operator Skins but not for "vehicle skins, war tracks, or watches."

Will A Random Finishing Move Filter Appear In Cold War?

Treyarch often listens to community feedback and considering that adding this feature shouldn't take a lot of time, there is a chance that randomised Finishing Moves could be making their way into Black Ops Cold War. Rumours are suggesting that the game will be supported once Vanguard launches in November, so this particular feature could arrive in the not-too-distant future.

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