Treyarch Stealth Buffed The Slide Cancel

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Call of Duty is known to make some stealthy changes, even though they tend to post a rather robust set of patch notes.

The Season 3 Reloaded update is now live and players are discovering changes that weren't mentioned in the official patch notes.

One of those is the controversial slide cancel mechanic.

The slide cancel mechanic has been tinkered with throughout the game's lifespan and it looks like it's been adjusted again.


Cold War Slide Cancel Buffed

As an important part of competitive play, it was a huge shock when Treyarch nerfed the slide cancel last month.

It looks like Treyarch have reversed the effects and a number of pros have pointed it out.

While nothing was specifically mentioned, they did highlight that “the time it takes to crouch has been increased by 20ms.”

The original nerf was implemented to cut down the abuse of the mechanic. It forced players to complete the slide animation each time.

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