Standoff Added To CDL Map Rotation

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Standoff is another classic map that has been added to Cold War's growing library of playable settings.

The Call of Duty League (CDL) historically hasn't made many changes to the map pool in the past unless there was a good reason. It's usually to remove a map that no longer works in a competitive setting and occasionally means a neglected map can be re-added.


It looks like a brand new map is being added into the rotation, while another is being removed entirely.

Standoff Added To The CDL Map Rotation

Standoff was first introduced in Black Ops 2 at launch. It has since been added to Cold War as a DLC map in Season 3 Reloaded. It's also not the first time this map has reappeared in the Black Ops series (it was added in Black Ops 3 as Outlaw. It's also the latest Gulag in Warzone.

Standoff was a fan favourite for its simple, yet versatile layout; meaning a multitude of modes played well on it.


Back in 2012's competitive play, Standoff featured in all three competitive modes - Hardpoint , Search and Destroy and Capture The Flag.

Now Standoff Search and Destroy is being added to the CDL map rotation, likely due to its diversity in team strategy and making a fairer playing field for both attack and defence.

This decision doesn't come without its casualties though, Checkmate Search and Destroy has been cut - likely due to the Stalemate situations that players find when playing it. It's extremely favourable for the defensive side and promotes lethargic play due to the closed-in nature of the map and the questionable bomb placements.

Standoff has likely been picked up to mix things up a bit but is also likely to be a familiar setting for most competitive players.

Don't be surprised if this map ends up being added to the Hardpoint rotation as well.

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