Disabled CoD Player Showcases Skill With Epic Clutch

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In recent years, accessibility in gaming has come on leaps and bounds, giving even more people the opportunity to immerse themselves in a huge variety of titles, including Call of Duty. Since Black Ops Cold War was released in November 2020, players have managed to use their feet to operate the controller in order to get the upper hand over the competition.

With more and more CoD players managing to adapt controllers to their needs so they can showcase their skills, Twitch streamer Spear3FW constantly showing off his skill on Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, never letting his disability get in the way of his immense talent. A clip from a recent broadcast quickly took Twitter by storm as the streamer managed to execute a perfect 1v3 clutch on Raid Search & Destroy.

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Spear3FW Scores Epic Clutch

Left in an almost impossible scenario with the odds stacked against him, Spear expertly ducks and dives in and around the Tiki hut next to the swimming pool and takes out the remaining opponents with ease to secure the round win.

After the clip quickly gained traction on Twitter, the streamer then took to Reddit to explain how he manages to use a standard Xbox controller to dominate the opposition.

I have one thumb controlling the left analogue stick, right analogue stick, and ABXY and on my other hand I have two fingers which deal with the right trigger, right bumper and left bumper. I raise my left leg to aim down sight!

It certainly doesn't sound easy but Spear manages to make it look effortless as he managed to duck and dive to outwit the oncoming players. His high-level gameplay isn't a fluke either. Spear boasts an impressive 2.59 K/D ratio on Warzone proving that he can compete with Verdansk's best on a regular basis.

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