Second Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg Start Time Revealed

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Season 4 for Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner and while plenty of focus is on multiplayer and Warzone, the upcoming season of post-launch content is going to be huge for Cold War Zombies.

The new season will see the launch of a new round-based map known as Mauer Der Toten but before it releases, Treyarch is going to launch the second main Easter Egg quest taking place on Outbreak, the popular large-scale Zombies mode.


Season 3 saw the release of the first Easter Egg which concluded with players defeating Legion in order to successfully complete the quest.

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In this article, find out the exact start time for the second Outbreak Easter Egg will begin!

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Cold War Season 4 Start Time

Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War gets underway on June 16th at 5AM BST.

Thankfully, the Easter Egg will launch at a much more sensible time.

Operation Excision Zombies Easter Egg Start Time

Operation Excision Cold War Zombies Easter Egg

As attention begins to turn towards the launch of Mauer Der Toten and Operation Excision, Treyarch has confirmed the worldwide start times for the new Easter Egg.

Find a list of times for a number of time zones below:

  • 5PM GMT
  • 6PM CEST
  • 10AM PT
  • 1PM ET
  • 2AM AEST (June 17th)

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Operation Excision: What To Expect

As always, Treyarch has remained tight-lipped as to how to initiate the Easter Egg but with the release of Mauer Der Toten on the horizon, it's widely believed that the Easter Egg quest will lay the foundations for the new map.


What will happen in the ongoing battle between Requiem and Omega? We will have to wait and see.

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