All Maps Arriving In Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War

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The start of Season 6 for Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner. The upcoming season of post-launch content will be the final season to take place before the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard at the beginning of November. As it's the final season, players are expecting plenty of brand-new content to arrive, and judging by the roadmap, that's exactly what's going to happen!

Alongside the new weapons, new Operators, and the all-new Forsaken Zombies map, there are three multiplayer maps joining the ranks and it's safe to say they're some of the most unique maps ever seen in a Call of Duty title. Here are all of the maps making an appearance in Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War.


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Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Maps

Black Ops Cold War Deprogram Map

The first of the three maps is Deprogram, a map based on Adler's distorted memory fragments during his time under the influence of The Numbers mind control programme. The map features Red Doors that can be used to move around the map quickly along with many areas players will recognise from the single-player campaign.

Black Ops Cold War Amerika Multiplayer Map

The second map will also look familiar to fans of the Cold War campaign. Known as Amerika, the map is based on a top-secret Soviet training facility that contains a full replica of a typical American town, complete with its very own Burger Town restaurant. With plenty of opportunities for close-quarters action and long-distance duels, this map has something for all styles of play.

Black Ops Cold War Gluboko Map

The third and final map launching in Season 6 is one for those that love to get in amongst the action. Gluboko is set underneath the KGB headquarters and will appear in 2v2, 3v3, and Face Off 6v6. The compact design lends itself to plenty of action-packed gameplay as players battle for control of the briefing room.

There you have it, these are all of the maps appearing in Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War. For more news, check out how to unlock the Grav assault rifle and all of the new Operators making an appearance in the new season.

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