All Maps Arriving In Black Ops Cold War Season 5

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The launch of Season 5 in Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner, much to the excitement of the community patiently waiting to get their hands on a range of brand-new content. As with the start of any new season, Treyarch has pushed the boat out, revealing a range of brand-new weapons, Operators, and multiplayer maps that will be arriving in the penultimate season of post-launch content.

Over the course of Season 5, there will be a total of five maps arriving into the map pool, three of which are remastered versions of classic maps from the first two Black Ops titles. Here's all the intel you need on the maps arriving over the course of the season!


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Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Maps

Echelon (Launch)

Kitsune Operator Running From Explosions

The first of two brand-new maps arriving in Season 5 is Echelon. For those that pay attention to leaks, an unfinished version of this particular map was found within the files of the game several months ago and after months of wondering when the finished version of the map would arrive, it's finally making an appearance in multiplayer. Expect plenty of fast and furious gameplay to take place on the rooftops!

Showroom (2v2 And 3v3, Launch)

Players Shooting Each Other With A Clothing Rack In Between

For Gunfight and Face-Off fans, Showroom is the newest setting for plenty of chaotic close-quarters action. Set in the Stacks Department Store inside The Pines shopping mall, there are plenty of places to take cover from the relentless gunfire.


When hurtling around the map at breakneck speed, do be sure to check those corners for any opponents patiently waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Slums (Launch)

Overview Of The Statue From Slums Black Ops Map

For Black Ops veterans, this addition to the map pool will be extremely familiar. Slums debuted in Black Ops 2 and was also remastered in Black Ops 4, much to the approval of the community.


The classic three-lane structure combined with various opportunities to make an impact with any weapon category makes Slums one of the very best Black Ops maps to ever release. Considering it's already been remastered, will it receive the same reception as it did in Black Ops 4?

Drive-In (In Season)

Operator Firing Gun In Front Of Drive-In Sign

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Treyarch has opted to remaster Drive-In, a map that first appeared in the first Black Ops game as part of the 'Annihilation Map Pack.' With a number of vantage points around the cinema screen and the Galactic building, snipers and other long-distance weaponry can have a huge impact on the outcome of a match.


To counter the areas where the height advantage can prove lethal, there are a number of flanking routes that can be utilised to get behind enemy lines.

Zoo (In Season)

Zoo Black Ops Map Overview

The third and final remaster to arrive as part of Season 5 is Zoo. Featuring a monorail that runs throughout the map, Zoo features the classic three-lane design alongside multiple chokepoints that are perfect for close-range engagements.


Regardless of play style, Zoo provides all players with the opportunity to score a huge number of kills as well as some incredibly high scores.

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