Rumour: Call Of Duty Zombies Map Originally Planned For Black Ops Cold War Now Launching With Vanguard

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A new rumour has emerged online suggesting that Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies will end with the upcoming Berlin map and the final map for the game is being moved to Call of Duty Vanguard, 2021's game.

This comes from Call of Duty leaker @CallOfDutyHope on Twitter who says this Zombies map will now be a launch map with the new Call Of Duty: Vanguard game.


It is likely that there is also another map that will launch with the next Call of Duty, considering this was originally planned for Black Ops Cold War.

Of course, as this is a rumor, take it all with a grain of salt for now and we could end up seeing another map in a few months.

This is somewhat disappointing to hear and does mean that the Zombies fans will have their seasonal content cut short for Black Ops Cold War.

This new Berlin map will be one of a number of maps from Zombies history that have been set in the city and rumours are suggesting that it could contain parts of fan favourite Kino Der Toten.

You can keep up to date with all the latest leaks and news for Call of Duty Zombies here in our hub.

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