Forsaken Cold War Zombies Map: Treyarch Confirms PhD Flopper Perk Return

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Forsaken is the fourth and final round-based map to arrive in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, and is expected to act as the grand finale of the Dark Aether storyline. The map set in western Ukraine will launch as part of Season 6 that will also contain new Operators and a range of new weaponry capable of slaying the undead with ease.

Perks play a huge part when it comes to making it to the higher rounds where Zombies can become incredibly difficult to eliminate and with the release of Forsaken, Treyarch has teased a fan-favourite Perk returning to the game.


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PhD Flopper Cold War Zombies

PhD Flopper Zombies Perk Machine

Those familiar with Call of Duty Zombies will be thrilled with this particular Perk making its return to the game. When purchased, PhD Flopper negates all self-inflicted damage, which is ideal when you need to deal plenty of explosive damage to get out of a sticky situation. When players go prone, it also creates a small explosion that can deal up to 5,000 damage.


Its return was teased by Treyarch on September 29th, with the developer posting a short clip of the catchy jingle that will play from the Perk machine.

While the addition of PhD Flopper was met with plenty of positivity from the Zombies community, some are still wondering whether the iconic Double Tap Root Beer will be returning.


Forsaken Cold War Zombies Map Release Date

Unlike past releases, Forsaken won't be launching mid-way through Season 6. Instead, the map will be playable when the new season begins on October 7th, meaning you'll be able to get your hands on PhD Flopper very soon!

While we wait, check out everything you need to know about Forsaken in our dedicated hub and take a look at the brand-new Wonder Weapon that will also be arriving.

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