How To Score A Nuke In Black Ops Cold War

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When it comes to iconic Killstreaks in the Call of Duty franchise, very few come close to the immense impact of the once-dominant Tactical Nuke. First appearing in Modern Warfare 2, players could bring a devastating end to a match by scoring 25 kills in a row without dying. Since then, the Nuke has rarely featured in recent releases until now thanks to Treyarch.

As part of Season 4 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War, the developer has revealed that the Nuke will be returning to Call of Duty multiplayer, much to the excitement of players. If you're looking to get your hands on the new Nuke Scorestreak, it will require an exceptional performance during a match.


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Season 4 Reloaded Start Date

The second half of Season 4 will get underway on July 15th. Prior to the new content launching, players will have the ability to download the update ahead of release, meaning you will be able to jump straight into the action as quickly as possible.

How To Get A Nuke In Black Ops Cold War

Players will be able to earn a Nuke by scoring 30 kills in a row without dying in every single game mode other than League Play, Multi-Team, Party Games, and Gunfight. Once the kills have been scored, players can call in the Nuke to eliminate all players from the match. It's not clear as to whether calling in a Nuke will bring an end to the game or whether it will continue.


It will be very interesting to see how the addition of such a high-impact Scorestreak will impact Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. Will more players spend time running and gunning in order to score the kills or are more going to be tucked away in a corner to reach the magic number? We will have to wait and see!

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