New XI Easter Egg Solved On Black Ops 4 Zombies - How To Complete It And What It Does

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Although the Call of Duty community has moved onto Black Ops Cold War and Warzone which have both entered Season 3, Zombies players have managed to uncover an Easter Egg within Black Ops 4 which released all the way back in 2018.

One of the maps that arrived on released was IX, a map set in Egypt during the time of the Roman Empire. Players uncovered many secrets and quests that were hidden within the map, but the most recent Easter Egg remained hidden for well over three years.

Easter Eggs have become a key component in Call of Duty Zombies, with players often working to become the first set of players to complete them as soon as a new map launches.


Here's everything you need to know about this discovery and how to complete the quest.

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XI Destroyer Guitar Easter Egg

XI Black Ops 4 Zombies Destroyer Guitar Easter Egg How To Complete

The community was made aware of this Easter Egg soon after the release of Black Ops 4 when a QA tester posted a Reddit post expressing their frustrations with Activision. The post included a number of details surrounding Zombies and unreleased content which eventually turned out to be true.


While a lot of the new content was correct, one XI quest remained unsolved for a number of years despite the disgruntled tester providing instructions on how to complete it.

Three years later, a member of the Zombies community has deciphered the instructions and has managed to complete this previously unsolved puzzle.

But how do you go about completing it? Check out our guide below!

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How To Complete XI Destroyer Guitar Easter Egg

Firstly, you'll need to craft the Brazen Bull shield weapon. Once you've got the shield in your hands, progress the game to a special round that will see the likes of Tigers and Marauders spawn into the game. Once the round has begun, look and shoot a Marauder that is outside of the arena banging a drum. When this is completed, you'll hear a guitar string play.

Next, Pack-A-Punch a weapon with the Kill-o-Watt ammunition type loaded into the magazine. Kill nine Zombies with headshots using the Kill-o-Watt ammo. Each of the kills will play a guitar string so keep repeating the process until the guitar stops playing.

Make your way to the Odin Altar room and shoot the Zeus Tower to trigger the final guitar string. Once completed, head to the next special round, and the Destroyer Guitar sequence will start. The animation and soundtrack will take place during each special round for the rest of the game.

If you need some visual guidance, Zombies extraordinaire MrDalekJD has posted a full guide which can be found below.


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