Zombies Player Surpasses Round 675 In World Record Attempt

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Mauer Der Toten has been out for a few weeks and players are continuing to explore what the latest round-based map set in the darkness of Berlin has to offer. The map arrived as part of Black Ops Cold War's Season 4 Reloaded update. While players continue to slay the opposition in multiplayer, there are many that prefer to sink their teeth into eliminating endless waves of the undead.

The majority of players only manage to last a handful of rounds before being overrun by increasingly difficult opposition but very few manage to reach rounds that many thought would be impossible. Zombies content creator InsomniaVirus is one of the very few. The streamer is currently on Round 675 on Mauer Der Toten!

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Mauer Der Toten World Record

After over four hours of gameplay, the creator has managed to smash the previous record which stood at an incredible 474 but InsomniaVirus secured round 675 on July 21st. His initial goal was set at 700 rounds but it looks like the creator could easily surpass it in the coming days.


As the video shows, he has managed to find the perfect method to train the Zombies along with the very best weapons to dispatch the undead as fast as possible. If he does manage to reach the coveted 700th round, it will be another in a long list of achievements that have already been earned. The content creator has already reached 1000 rounds on the Outbreak mode.

Check out his channel to see whether he does manage to make it to round 700! Even if he doesn't it's an incredible achievement and will be a record that could prove extremely difficult to beat.

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