Treyarch Confirms LC10 Nerf Is Arriving In Season 5

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Since its addition to the arsenal as part of Season 2, the LC10submachine gun in Black Ops Cold War has dominated the metagame thanks to its incredible levels of versatility which enables players to use it in close-quarters and mid-range engagements. Many players have deemed the weapon to be overpowered and after a number of calls for it to be nerfed, it looks like Treyarch has taken the request on board.

As the launch of Season 5 approaches, the Black Ops developer has shed some light on the next dose of weapon tuning that is arriving in multiplayer as Black Ops Cold War enters the final two seasons of its cycle.

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Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Patch Notes

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LC10 Nerf In Season 5

LC10 SMG hanging on a wall
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Ahead of Season 5, which launches on August 12th, Treyarch outlined a few changes that are being made to some of the weapons within the arsenal.

We've also got a new round of weapon tuning for a selection of assault rifles and SMGs, including some new tweaks for the LC10," Treyarch confirmed.

It turns out that other weapons are also in line for a change, which could spark a change in what has become a stable meta over the last two seasons. Perhaps the nerf to the LC10 is taking place due to the addition of the new TEC-9 SMG? We will have to wait and see if the LC10 still has the upper hand once the update goes live.

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