Treyarch Introduces "Klaus" Robot In Mauer Der Toten

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After weeks of teasers surrounding the new content that's going to be included in Mauer Der Toten, Zombies developer Treyarch released the first cinematic gameplay trailer that gave players a first look at what to expect within the confines of the third round-based map of the Dark Aether storyline. Alongside the return of the Mule Kick Perk and the debut of a brand-new Wonder Weapon, a robot named Klaus is also making its way to Berlin, much to the curiosity of the Zombies community.

The trailer which was released on July 8th was the first time players got to see Klaus in action and judging by his sassy attitude and ability to slay the undead with ease, the robot is going to become quite the character within Mauer Der Toten.


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Klaus Mauer Der Toten

Klaus Mauer Der Toten Zombies

According to the blueprint, Klaus is more than capable of holding their own when under fire from any opposition. With "dramatic improvements to marksmanship" and "hand-to-hand combat," Klaus will obey basic orders, suggesting players will be able to command the robot into doing specific tasks over the course of a Mauer Der Toten game.


While having what sounds like a fifth member of the squad assisting the fight against the undead, Klaus does come with a few drawbacks that could prove problematic when the going gets tough. One outstanding issue mentioned on the blueprint is that the robot is "highly irritable," which leads to random doses of violence. Klaus also suffers from mood swings, that will see the robot come out with some controversial, and mostly unwanted, opinions and complaints if it gets bored so be sure to keep Klaus focused on the task at hand.

The last thing to mention about Klaus is that he has "no concept of human fragility," so try not to interact with the robot too often.

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